Committee on Privilege and Tenure Charge

13.27 Committee on Privilege and Tenure (En 21 Feb 68; CC 21 Feb 96, 31 Aug 19)

13.27.1 There are seven Santa Cruz Division members, with no two from the same department [or equivalent unit] in which SB 55 rights are exercised in personnel actions. (Am 4 Dec 68, 3 Dec 69, 23 Feb 77 EI, 20 Oct 82 EI; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 18 Oct 91, 12 May 97, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04, 31 Aug 19)

13.27.2 The Committee takes cognizance of all matters jeopardizing the privileges or the tenure of members of the Santa Cruz Division or officers of instruction at Santa Cruz, and conducts hearings in individual cases. In all instances it must accord the person whose case is being considered an opportunity to be heard in their own defense. The principles and procedures governing its conduct in matters of privilege and tenure are set forth in SB 334-337. [DLI 1996.2A and 1996.2B] (CC 1 Aug 77, 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 02, 31 Aug 19; EC 1 Aug 76, 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 16)

13.27.3 The Committee on Committees shall appoint a panel of up to six members to serve as grievance advisers, in accordance with SB 335B(1). Panel members should be experienced in privilege and tenure processes, and preferably be former members of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure. Appointments are for three years and are renewable. Panel members shall advise members of the Faculty with respect to their rights or privileges and grievance procedures. Panel members may not serve on investigative or hearing panels, and cannot serve as representative of any of the parties of such procedures. (En 26 May 99; Am 30 May 07; CC 31 Aug 02; EC 31 August 06, 31 Aug 19)