Committee on Emeriti Relations Charge

13.19 Committee on Emeriti Relations (En 21 May 86; CC 31 Aug 19)

13.19.1 There are at least two and no more than five emeritus and one non-emeritus Santa Cruz Division members, plus the Chair of the Committee on Faculty Welfare serving ex officio. (Am 21 May 04, 19 May 17; CC 31 Aug 19; EC 18 Oct 91, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04, 31 Aug 06, 31 Aug 17)

13.19.2 The Committee will maintain current, centralized records of all emeriti who are members of the Santa Cruz Division. The Committee will also ascertain and make known to the Santa Cruz Division and to the UC Santa Cruz Administration the interests and needs of emeriti, and it will make appropriate recommendations regarding ways to facilitate their continued contribution to the University. (CC 31 Aug 98; CC 31 Aug 19)