Chapter 5. Executive Office

5.1 Organization: The Executive Office of the Santa Cruz Division provides professional, analytical, and administrative support; guidance; coordination; communication; and assistance in matters concerning members of the Division and associated UCSC Faculty. The office is managed by the Executive Director with the following duties.

  • To maintain a depository of all records of the Division.
  • To provide professional support in the form of analytical, research, policy review, and administrative services as required by the Officers and committees of the Division.
  • To maintain complete files (electronic or paper) of minutes, reports, and agendas of all Divisional committees.
  • To maintain on file the current membership of the Division, the current Academic Senate committee service of each member of the Division, and the current roster of all committees of the Academic Senate.
  • To submit an annual budget request to the Chancellor to support the work of the Division, its committees and the office of the Division.
  • To function as staff analyst for the Senate Executive Committee.
  • To coordinate, administer, and manage, all grant funds distributed through the Division and its committees.
  • To act as representative to the system wide Senate Directors Group.
  • To provide assistance and guidance and to facilitate communication among Division Officers, committees of the Division, and system wide Committees and staff.
  • To coordinate all Divisional electronic nomination, calls for service, voting, and polling activities. (En 10 May 67; Am 21 May 14; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 31 Aug 99)