Chapter 2. Functions

2.1 General. The Santa Cruz Division of the Academic Senate is a committee of the Academic Senate. The Division has authority to organize, to select its own officers and committees, and to adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of its business. It is empowered to receive and consider reports and recommendations from its Faculties, from its other Divisional committees, from committees of the Academic Senate, from local administrative officers, and from other Divisions. It may originate and take final action on legislation substantially affecting only the Santa Cruz Division; establish Faculties in academic divisions, schools, and colleges; transmit memoranda to the Chancellor of the University of California, Santa Cruz, or to the campus's representatives to the Assembly; and Memorials to the President directly to the President of the University of California; initiate Memorials to the Regents on any matter of University concern, subject to the provisions of Academic Senate Bylaws; and submit reports and recommendations to the Academic Senate or to the Assembly regarding changes in Academic Senate legislation and any other matters of general concern. The Santa Cruz Division exercises all powers of the Academic Senate not specifically delegated to the Assembly or to the standing committees of the Academic Senate. [DLI 1968.5A] (CC 30 Aug 95, 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 99; EC 31 Aug 06)

2.2 Curricula. The Santa Cruz Division authorizes all courses and curricula offered at Santa Cruz, including all credit courses administered by the Santa Cruz Office of University Extension. It does so subject to the Universitywide and Santa Cruz Academic Senate Bylaws and Regulations and the Standing Orders of the Regents. As these Bylaws stipulate below, elements of this authority are exercised by the Faculties of colleges and schools, the academic divisions, the Committee on Educational Policy, Committee on Courses of Instruction, the Graduate Council, and the departments. (Am 10 May 67, 4 June 69, 26 May 76, 23 May 79, 19 May 17; CC 1 Aug 77, 28 Jan 81, 31 Aug 98; EC 18 Oct 91, 12 May 97, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 06, 31 Aug 17)

2.3 Degrees. The Santa Cruz Division has authority to recommend to the President of the University all candidates for degrees who have completed the requirements for those degrees in a college, school, or the Graduate Division subject to the jurisdiction of the Santa Cruz Division. (CC 31 Aug 98)