Chapter 14. Executive Committee

14.1 The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary of the Division, the Representatives to the Assembly, and the Chairs of the Graduate Council and of the Committees on Academic Personnel, Admissions and Financial Aid, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Committees, Educational Policy, Faculty Welfare, International Education, Planning and Budget, Privilege and Tenure, Research, and Teaching. (Am 20 May 81, 6 June 84, 29 May 91, 24 Feb 99, 16 May 03, 22 Apr 15; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 23; EC 1 Sept 80, 31 Aug 06)

14.2 The Chair of the Santa Cruz Division shall serve as the Chair of the Committee. (CC 31 Aug 98, EC 31 Aug 06)

14.3 The duties of the Committee include the following:

1) To coordinate activities of Senate Committees on matters pertaining to Divisional and Systemwide issues.

2) To advise the Division and its officers on matters of policy, and to serve as a liaison to the Administration for consultation and advice when it is not possible to convene the Senate as a whole and/or specific Senate committees. The Committee may act upon reports or legislation under the conditions set forth in SCB8.5.

3) To propose legislation.

4) To consider effects of significant policy changes.

5) To seek to meet with the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor at least quarterly, and consult with other members of the Administration as necessary.

6) To report to the Senate annually. (Am 9 Oct 85, 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 06)