Academic Senate Office

125 Kerr Hall
University California Santa Cruz
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064-1077
Phone: (831) 459-2086

Senate Chair: 

Olof Einarsdottir
119 Kerr Hall
Spring Quarter Office Hours: Mondays 9:30am-10:30am, by appointment

Senate Director:

Matthew Mednick
phone: (831) 459-5209 

Analyst on:

Committee on Committees (COC)

Senate Executive Committee (SEC)

Committee on Privilege and Tenure (P&T)

Assistant to the Director:

Heather Lemson
phone: (831) 459-2086

Analyst on:

Committee on Faculty Research Lecture (CFRL)

Contact the committee analysts:

Esthela Bañuelos

phone:(831) 459-1317

Analyst on:

Committee on International Education (CIE)

Committee on Planning and Budget (CPB)

Graduate Council (GC)

Kim Van Le

phone:(831) 459-3431

Analyst on:

Committee on Educational Policy (CEP)

Committee on Information Technology (CIT)

Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication (COLASC)

Committee on Research (COR)

Committee on Teaching (COT)

Chad Silva  -
phone: (831) 459-3810

Analyst on:

Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity (CAAD)

Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (CAFA)

Rules, Jurisdiction and Elections (RJE)

Special Committee on Development and Fundraising (SCDF)

Special Committee on Athletics

Jaden Silva-Espinoza  -
phone: (831) 459-2259

Analyst on:

Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP)

Committee on Career Advising (CCA)

Committee on Emeriti Relations (CER)

Committee on Faculty Welfare (CFW)

Susanna Wrangell -
phone: (831) 459-3358

Analyst on:

Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI)

Committee on Academic Freedom (CAF)

Committee on Educational Policy (CEP)

Committee on Prepatory Education (CPE)