Senate Standing Committees

Monitors and reports on conditions affecting academic freedom in the University.

Considers matters involving admissions such as eligibility requirements, financial aid and relations with schools, considers the weighting of various non-academic criteria in admissions.

Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP) 
Makes recommendations to the Chancellor on academic personnel actions and Academic Personnel policies. Only full Professors are appointed for service on CAP.
Develops, implements, and evaluates mentoring activities that enhance the likelihood of faculty promotion and retention.

Reviews and/or approves all matters relating to courses of instruction.

Acts as point of interface between Academic Senate and the Administration to promote faculty engagement in fundraising and development activities and collaborates with the division of University Relations in those efforts.
Reviews quality of undergraduate academic programs, reviews new programs, approves new courses, considers all grading and campus examination matters, including hearing of grievances relating to narrative evaluations/grades.
Makes recommendations concerning emeriti needs, interests and service contributions.

Committee on Faculty Research Lecture (CFRL)
Nominates a faculty member who has a distinguished record in research to deliver a lecture to the campus community upon a topic of his or her selection.

Committee on Faculty Welfare (CFW)
Considers any issue concerning faculty welfare such as dependent care, health care, and housing.

Concerned with any aspect of the EAP international programs.

Committee on Information Technology (CIT)
Advises Chancellor and Division on all matters related to information technology including instructional technology, information systems, software and electronic communication facilities, and security.

Appoints members to all Senate committees, university wide committees, and Senate Officers; nominates faculty for service on administrative Task Forces, and search committees. COC oversees the operating procedures of committees and periodically assesses committees’ effectiveness.
Studies and makes recommendations on diversity initiatives and policies.
Advises president and chancellor on administration of the Library and relevant local and systemwide Library policy.

Committee on Planning and Budget (CPB)
Confers with and makes recommendations to the administration regarding budget policy and all planning matters; reviews all proposals for academic program changes.

Committee on Preparatory Education (CPE)
Considers any issue regarding undergraduate preparatory education and its administration.

Committee on Privilege and Tenure (CPT)
Considers matters jeopardizing rights, privileges, or tenure, and conducts hearings in some individual cases. Reviews policy revisions.

Committee on Research (COR)
Considers issues of research policy and reviews faculty research grants.

Committee on Rules, Jurisdiction, and Elections (CRJE)
Interprets divisional legislation; reviews and reports on proposed changes and additions to Bylaws and Regulations of the Santa Cruz Division.

Committee on Teaching (COT)
Makes recommendations regarding evaluation of teaching, programs to foster good teaching, instructional support activities.

Coordinates procedures and establishes policy bearing on higher degrees, reviews current programs and proposals for new graduate programs.

Senate Executive Committee (SEC)
SEC coordinates with the chairs of the following committees: COC, CFW, CAFA, CEP, CAAD, P&T, COR, CAP, GC, CPB, CIE, and COT. SEC meets bi-weekly throughout the academic year. 

Special Committees