Committee on Academic Personnel

The Committee on Academic Personnel (CAP) is charged with providing senate consultation on faculty personnel cases and making recommendations to deciding authorities (Chancellor, Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor, and/or divisional Deans) on appointments, promotions, retentions, merit increases, and mid-career appraisals for Senate faculty, as well as similar actions for adjunct faculty and researchers.  CAP reviews academic personnel policies and addresses related issues, such as faculty salaries.  CAP meets weekly.

13.10 CAP Charge
CAP Meeting Dates 2023-24
CAP Annual Reports
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CAP Recusal Policy 2021-22

CAP Recommendation Links:

CAP Recommendations to Facilitate the Review of Files
Top 10 Tips for Faculty
CAP's Tips for Department Chairs
CAP's Suggestions to Deans Regarding Letters for Major Actions

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Academic Personnel Office

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