Committee on Academic Freedom (CAF)

Committee Description

The Committee on Academic Freedom (CAF) monitors conditions and assesses matters that may affect academic freedom at UCSC, responding to individual faculty concerns and reporting on emerging issues to the academic senate. CAF meets as needed.

CAF Meeting Dates 2017-18
CAF Annual Reports

CAF Charge
University Committee on Academic Freedom (UCAF)
History of UC Academic Freedom
Academic Council Statement on Academic Freedom and Civility
Academic Freedom Primer by Anne Franke
Defining Academic Freedom by Cary Nelson
Dean Robert Post, Provost's Forum talk on foundations of academic freedom
Microagressions in the Classroom Forum
Jefferson v. Cuccinelli: Does the Constitution really protect a right to "academic freedom?"

What is Academic Freedom? 
"...[Academic Freedom] is the freedom of teachers, students, and academic institutions to pursue knowledge wherever it may lead, without undue or unreasonable interference. At the minimum, academic freedom involves the freedom to engage in the entire range of activities involved in the production of knowledge...presenting research findings to colleagues, and publish research findings..." Read More Here

FAQs About Academic Freedom

I have an Academic Freedom complaint:

I have received a Freedom of Information request:
"Faculty should not respond directly to the requester, but instead to the Director of Privacy and Information Practices, as soon as the request is received. Typically, the request asks for public records information to be submitted within 10 calendar days, however, the Director can assist faculty members to administer a timely response to the request.

More information on what to do and who to contact, Denise Dolezal Privacy and Information Practices Director (email:

University Regulations and Codes Concerning Academic Freedoms:

Analyst Contact

Susanna Wrangell - Phone: (831) 459-3358

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