Academic Freedom and Free Speech Resources

Resources for Thinking about Academic Freedom and Free Speech


Local Perspectives

Children's Hour

"Most Dangerous Woman in America"


Journal on Academic Freedom

Journal on Academic Freedom


Academic Freedom and Free Speech

Joan Scott, "On Free Speech and Academic Freedom"

Wendy Brown, "The Big Picture: Defending Society"

Chris Newfield, "Feeding a Dangerous Fiction"

David Palumbo- Liu, "Why We Have Free Speech on University Campuses"

Judith Butler, "Limits on Free Speech?"

Judith Butler, "The Criminalization of Knowledge, Why the struggle for academic freedom is the struggle for democracy

Bettina Aptheker, “Free Speech! Hold Firm! We must protect and affirm the first and 14th amendment with everything we have”

Robert Post, Professor of Law, Yale Law School: “There is No 1st Amendment Right to Speak on a College Campus”

Masha Gessen, “Does the Far Right Have a Place at Academic Conferences?”

Heckler's Veto Case Law as a Resource for Democratic Discourse


Academic Freedom and Gender Issues

The Assault on Gender and Gender Studies


Academic Freedom and the Research Environment

Bill McKibben's, "Let's Agree To Not Kill Each One Another" (NYT op-ed)


Responding to the Targeted Harassment of Faculty

“We are all a single outrage campaign away from having no rights at all”

One Faculty One Resistance Campaign (AAUP)


Thinking About the Impacts of Hateful Speech on Academic Environments

UC Berkeley Faculty Open Letter Calling for Boycott of “Free Speech Week

The Case For Restricting Hate Speech

U of T student group says racial violence and harassment a health and safety issue