CCI Student Petition Request

The Committee on Courses of Instruction has purview over granting student’s exception to the general education requirements (Santa Cruz Regulation All requests must be recommended by the student’s College Provost and students must submit all appropriate supporting documents and requested information when submitting the online form. CCI reviews the following type of petitions. 

Required documentation for any request for exception:

Student Advising Summary for UCSC Courses
Medical Documentation if required for your request
Students may petition to withdraw from a class  past the deadline due to exceptional circumstances which can include: medical issues, life trauma, or emotional distress issues. This request will require confirmation from the instructor that the student did not complete the course (e.g. final not taken). As only an instructor can change the grade, these are treated as a change in enrollment status.  CCI will determine if the student qualifies for an exception.
Students may add a course if an attempt has been made in AIS, financial aid holds or change of status to part-time, with the instructor’s verification of participation. These are always approved for the default grading option unless a prior agreement with the instructor was agreed upon before the deadline. The course class number is required and cannot be approved if missing. A late add is only possible when a student is already active and enrolled in the term and the student has no enrollment holds, the student is not discontinued or canceled as no-show, and has a greater than zero enrollment.
Students may request a late drop if an attempt has been made in AIS, financial aid holds, or change of status to part-time. Instructor verification of non-participation is required. The course class number is required and cannot be approved if missing.
Students may waive up to two units of credit for graduation per Santa Cruz Regulation 10.1.6. Appeals are reviewed on a case by case basis and with evidence of extenuating circumstances.
Only instructors can initiate a change of grade for students due to clerical error, limited to one year; after one year these must come to CCI for approval and include the instructor initiated change of grade form with your petition request.
Any other grade changes must follow the grade grievance process, please see Senate Manual: Appendix C for more information. 

Grade Option Changes
Students may request a change from Pass or No Pass to Graded or Graded to Pass or No Pass, which includes students who have maxed out on credits over the 25% Pass or No Pass Limit.

(Grade replacement requests for one course to serve as grade replacement for another course and repeating credit of courses that do not have repeat for credit status are not allowed).

General Education Substitution (See Petition Process Below)
Students may submit a petition to substitute a general education requirement with another course. Please see the General Education Requirements Table, students must have the instructor of the course respond to the questions related to the general education request. Students must submit a transfer credit report with their petition and the course syllabus.

For petitions involving substitution of the Disciplinary Communication requirements, attach the DC Form along with the petition request. 

Courses Taken Elsewhere
For courses taken at another institution, Admissions will apply the GE designation to the course if it meets the requirements and guidelines developed by the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) in 2010.  Students who are denied by Admissions must include a syllabus of the course, and if possible, have the instructor answer the questions related to the GE you are requesting.

Transfer or Duplicate Credit Exceptions
For lower division courses taken at other institutions where transfer credit is denied, students may petition for credit and must include a syllabus for the course as well as the UCSC course cited for denial; preventing  transfer credit.

Getting Started:
Meet with your College Advisor first to determine if a petition is the right course of action for you to pursue.
Before starting the online petition form, you must have the following documentation available  to upload with the online form electronically; preferably a PDF file format:
- Student Justification Statement: How does the course work and nature of instruction meet the course learning outcomes, please have this typed up and copy and past directly onto the field in the         Google online form  (no attachments)
- Attach a course syllabus and UCSC course summary transcript. If transferring the course, please include the Admissions transfer credit report.
- Please have your instructors review and respond to the applicable questions in the GE requirement table .  Your instructor's response can be submitted in the form of a PDF or your email exchange or a PDF of a letter signed by your instructor
- Students must submit one form per petition request (i.e. substitution for more than one class).
-To request for a disciplinary communication substitution, please contact your department advisor.
For general education substitutions prior to 2010, please refer to the Senate Manual: 10.2.2 General Education Requirements for Students Entering before Fall Quarter 2010. Refer to the old GE form for student petitions.

Petition Options Sponsored by Other Campus Offices

Other types of petitions fall under the purview of the Registrar’s Office, Academic Advisor’s Office, or Departments. Students should contact the appropriate office to proceed with these types of petition.

  • To change your catalog year, please contact your advisor.
  • To withdraw from the University, please contact your advisor.
  • To request for “credit for a course by petition”, please contact the Registrar's Office.
  • To request for a disciplinary communication substitution, please contact your department advisor.

Petition Process Instruction

  1. Students who wish to petition a course should meet with the college advising staff before completing the online petition form.
  2. Once you’ve met and discussed your situation with your advisor, please complete the CCI - Petition for Course Exceptions Form (forthcoming). Please note, only the submitted information will be saved.
  3. All supporting documents must be submitted to support your petition. Use the following naming conventions when attaching documents: Last Name_First Name _Type of Petition - Term & Year (Slug.Sammy_GE-Spring15)
  4. Review of petitions will take approximately 4-6 weeks. The submitted form will be reviewed and considered by your Provost and advising staff, prior to the review of the Committee on Courses of Instruction. You will be notified of the Committee on Courses of Instruction decision via email.