CCI Student Petition Overview

The Committee on Courses of Instruction has purview over granting student’s exception to the general education requirements (Santa Cruz Regulation All requests must be recommended by the student’s College Provost and students must submit all appropriate supporting documents and requested information when submitting the online form. The Committee meets based on workload and submitting a petition could take up to four weeks to review; nor does it guarantee the desired outcome.  The Committee's decision is final. 

CCI Student Petition Submission Portal

For detailed instructions on submitting a CCI petition request, see below.

Submitting a CCI Petition Request

  1. Meet with College Advising Staff: Students who wish to petition a course should meet with the college advising staff before completing the online petition form to determine if a petition is the right course of action to pursue.

  2. Collect Required Documentation: All supporting documents must be submitted to support your petition. The online form will ask you to provide the following required documentation:

  3. Submit Your Petition Online: Once you’ve met and discussed your situation with your advisor and have all the required documentation, please complete the CCI Student Petition Form online.

For detailed information about required documentation for each petition, please review the Table of Required Documents for CCI Student Petition Requests.

Uploading Files: Please use the following naming convention when uploading documents: “Last Name First Name - Document - Term & Year“ (e.g. “Slug Sammy - Student Advising Summary - Spring 2018”)

Title IX DisclaimerPlease note that the information you share in your appeal or with your advisers will be kept private and shared only with campus officials as required to process your appeal. However, in limited circumstances, including those related to potential harm to yourself or others, sexual harassment, sexual violence, and abuse, we may be required by policy to report incidents you disclose to other need-to-know offices on campus such as the Title IX Office and/or University of California Police Department. If you are in need of support with any experience(s) you disclose in your appeal statement, please see the list of confidential and/or support resources.


Petition Review Process

The submitted form will be reviewed and considered by your college advising staff and Provost prior to review by the Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI).

Review of petitions will take approximately 4-6 weeks from the moment the review from the advising staff and Provost has concluded and the petition has reached CCI.

You will be notified via email of the final CCI decision.

CCI Student Petition Process Flowchart includes detailed information about the CCI Student Petition Approval Process.

To review the various types of CCI petition requests, along with details about how to submit each type and all required documentation, visit Types of CCI Student Petitions.

If approved, your MyUCSC account will be charged a $10 Change of Study List for every add and drop.