Beginning September 2015, petitions will only be accepted electronically.

Students who wish to submit a petition should first go to their college and meet with the Advising Staff.

Old GE Substitution Form
New GE Substitution Form      
Other Petition Form
DC Substitution form for Departments

Petition form and the following documents must be sent as a single electronic pdf file to Please use the following naming conventions when submitting requests:

Last Name.First Name  _ Type of Petition - Term & Year

* Example: Slug.Sammy_Ge-Spring15

All petitions require the appropriate CCI Petition Form and the following:

  1. Adviser's and Provost Signatures.
  2. Brief justification on type of request - should be written by requester.
  3. Transcripts. Student Advising Summary for UCSC courses.
  4. For GE substitutions for UCSC courses , a course syllabus is needed and  instructor support addressing the questions found here.
  5. For GE substitutions for courses from  other higher education institutions the student must first obtain a review of transfer credit report from Admissions and a syllabus.
  6. Any other relevant documentation necessary to plead your case, i.e. other college course description, medical documentation, etc.

CEP will review for discussion.

Types of Petitions Reviewed by CCI:

  • W or DC Substitutions (approved only as an exception) must be courses taken at UCSC, courses from other institutions will not satisfy this GE requirement.
  • Catalog Year Changes see your advisor.
  • Enrollment Adjustments: Add, Drop, or Withdrawal from a Course must have exceptional circumstances and requires instructor confirmation.
  • W Grade requests are treated as enrollment adjustments and require additional information:
    • Confirmation from the instructor of record for course that the student did not complete the course (e.g. final not taken).
    • Confirmation from the instructor of record for grade change from F to W. Only instructor of record can change a grade.
  • Credit for a Course use the Registrar's Petition for Credit Form.
  • Grade Changes must be appealed to CCI (see form).
  • General Education Substitutions.
  • Grade Options will likely be denied except for students who have maxed out on credits over the 25% Pass/NP Limit, or for exceptional circumstances.
  • Grade Replacement Requests for one course to serve as grade replacement for another course are denied per Systemwide Senate Regulation 762.
  • Repeat Credit of courses that do not have repeat for credit status are not allowed per systemwide regulations.
  • Waiver of 2 Units for Graduation per SCR 10.1.6.
  • Withdrawal  from the University - Contact Your Advisor ( CCI is not authorized to approve)
  • Open Campus/Concurrent Enrollment Credit Exceptions