Academic Senate Meetings 2022-23

Academic Senate Meeting Schedule 2022-2023

Regular meetings start promptly at 2:30 PM and continue until adjourned.

Locations are tentative and will be confirmed in the CALL to each meeting.


Meeting Date

Legislation Due

Agenda Items Due


Potential Fall Forum 10/28/22 n/a n/a Zoom

Fall Meeting 

11/30/22 11/09/22 11/16/22 Zoom

Winter Forum

01/25/23 n/a n/a Zoom
Winter Meeting
03/10/23 02/17/23 02/24/23 Zoom

Potential Spring Forum

04/19/23 n/a n/a Zoom

Spring Meeting

05/24/23 05/03/23 05/10/23 Zoom

*This schedule includes: meeting date, legislation due date, agenda items due date, and the location of the meetings. 

Assembly of the Academic Senate Meetings

Dates and Locations are listed at the UC Assembly page

Assembly meetings are scheduled from 10:00AM to 4:00 PM. All members of the Academic Senate have the privilege of attending Meetings of the Assembly and the privilege of speaking. Only members of the Assembly are allowed the privilege of seconding motions and the privilege of voting. UCSC's 2019-20 Assembly Members include Senate Chair Kim Lau, Divisional Representative Professor Janette Dinishak and the Senate Vice Chair David Brundage.

REMINDER for Senators and Committees wishing to submit items to the CALL:

LEGISLATION DEADLINE – Legislation to be included in the CALL must be reviewed by the Committee on Rules, Jurisdiction & Elections, and it is strongly recommended that both Senate Committees and faculty submit resolutions to RJ&E for review. Any items requiring RJ&E review MUST be received by the Senate Office (125 Kerr Hall) no later than 5:00 PM on the posted deadline (approximately three weeks prior to the meeting) to be included in the CALL. Legislation not received by the deadline will not be included in the CALL.

AGENDA ITEMS DEADLINE – Agenda items will be included in the CALL only if they are received in FINAL format (all approvals received, all proofing concluded, etc.) by the Senate Office (125 Kerr Hall) no later than 5:00 PM on the posted deadline (approximately two weeks prior to the meeting). Electronic submissions are preferred (

Please contact the Senate Office (ext. 9-5209) if you have any questions regarding the submission of legislation or agenda items.