General Education Requirements for Course Development

New General Education Requirements Effective Fall 2010

The General Education Requirements are meant to accomplish several goals:

  • Provide students with a base knowledge and skills that future learning can build on.
  • Expose students to a broad range of disciplines and methodologies, to better prepare them for a world of complex problems and rapid changes.
  • Enhance the abilities of students to apporach problems in appropriately analytical ways.
  • Prepare students to function as responsible and informed participants in civic life, considering pressing societal issues (such as the environmeent, the economy) productively and from a variety of perspectives.
  • Please use the GE Requirements Table to learn about educational objectives and the course approval form.

December 1:  Deadline for course and major sponsoring units to submit their Disciplinary Communication and General Education proposals to their dean's office.

December 8:  Deadline for dean's to forward proposals to CEP.

Course Approval Forms