Composition (C )


One five-credit course or equivalent is required. The courses must be taken in series: ELWR - C - DC


The general education  writing requirements at UCSC consist of the Entry-Level Writing Requirement (ELWR),  and Composition (C). Successful completion of College 1 and ELWR are prerequisites for students' enrollment in the C course (Writing 2). Students must successfully complete Writing 2 before the seventh quarter of enrollment.

Educational Outcomes

1. Compose in more than one genre by responding to rhetorical situations and genre conventions according to readers' expectations and writers' purposes.

2. Ask questions and be guided by a strategic exploration of those questions in order to generate research topics and sustain meaningful inquiry.

3. Locate relevant source material, evaluate its credibility, and cite it appropriately.

4. Analyze and synthesize ideas in source material to produce projects that interpret and evaluate their own ideas and assumptions, as well as those of other writers.

5. Apply strategies when composing, revising, or evaluating their own work that enable them to follow conventions of professional English, such as arrangement, language use, mechanics, or documentation style.

6. Reflect critically on how to apply their processes for writing and analysis to writing projects in other contexts, within and outside the university.