Statistical Reasoning

Statistical Reasoning (SR)


One five-credit course or equivalent. 


Courses that carry the SR GE designation focus on developing skills in approaching quantitative data and statistical reasoning. These courses help students interpret quantitative claims and make judgments in situations of statistical uncertainty. Such courses might include topics such as:

A. ways of presenting and misrepresenting data

B. statistical inference

C. experimental design and data analysis

Educational goals/outcomes

Students will:

  • Learn to use statistics and/or probabilistic re-zoning to make decisions insituations where their knowledge is incomplete or the future unpredictable

  • Understand statistical claims and forms of evidence, develop their ability to deal with numerical data and assess its reliability

  • And learn ways in which numerical data may be misunderstood or manipulated to mislead.

Student’s Response GE Questions for Substitution of GE Requirements

*(after you respond obtain instructor confirmation supporting your answers)

1. Which of the above approaches to addressing the SR GE does this course offer?

2. Please identify the assignments that will develop skills in probability and statistical reasoning. How will students learn to reason based on quantitative data and evaluate statistical claims and evidence? Please do not refer reviewers to the syllabus.

3. Please describe how the student's satisfaction of the educational objective for the GE requirement will be assessed.