Practice:Service Learning

Service Learning (PR-S) Course Guidelines


One 2-credit course or equivalent.


Courses that carry the PR-S GE designation provide supervised learning experiences where students reflect on, communicate, and integrate principles and theories from the classroom in real-world settings. Service learning provides students with an opportunity to integrate their academic coursework with community involvement. Students gain valuable practical skills while giving back to the community. 

Educational goals/outcomes

Students will:

  • Have the opportunity to apply knowledge from their academic coursework to problems and challenges in their student-learning placement.

  • Engage in tasks that benefit their service-learning organization or the clients that it serves.

  • Be encouraged to use the experiences and insights gained from their service-learning placement to develop questions for academic study.

Student’s Response GE Questions for Substitution of GE Requirements

*(after you respond obtain instructor confirmation supporting your answers)

1. Please identify the assignments and activities that provide students with an opportunity to apply their course work in a community setting to the benefit of the student and the host community. Please do not refer reviewers to the syllabus.

2. Please describe how the students' satisfaction of the educational objective for the GE requirement will be assessed.