Practice: Creative Process

Creative Process (PR-C) Course Guidelines


One 2-credit course or equivalent.


Courses that carry the PR-C GE designation teach creative process and techniques in a context of individual or collaborative participation in the arts, including creative writing. For creative writing, students will publish an informal group collection or individual dossier of their successful writings.

Courses may combine theory and experiment in the creation of a new artwork, or new interpretation(s) of an existing artwork. Creative Process courses include studies in individual or group creativity or improvisation, and/or ensemble rehearsal and performance.

Students who elect to satisfy this requirement will take at least two credits of individual or group creative work; however, the requirement may be satisfied within courses of greater than two credits. Where appropriate, sponsoring units may require a sequence of two or three 2-credit courses with the PR-C designation assigned to the final quarter. For sequences culminating in a semi-professional public performance, an audition at which students demonstrate aptitude and a foundation of skills will be required .

 Educational goals/outcomes

Students will:

  • Acquire specific techniques and skills to perform and/or create one or more genres of art, including (but not limited to) one or more of the following: music, dance, theater, visual arts, film, digital media, and creative writing.

  • Develop alternate ways of learning – a foundation of visual, kinesthetic and/or auditory responses, and a context of relevant theory and interpretation – and through their participation in the creative process, acquire the ability to use faculty and/or peer mentoring and reaction to improve their creative work.

Student’s Response GE Questions for Substitution of GE Requirements

*(after you respond obtain instructor confirmation supporting your answers)

1. Please describe the final project; for the performing arts, visual arts, film, and digital media, courses will culminate in a final consisting of an open showing that demonstrates the individual or group has acquired basic technical fluency in one or more of the arts.  Please do not refer reviewers to the syllabus.

2. Please describe how the students' satisfaction of the educational objective for the GE requirement will be assessed.