Collaborative Endeavor (PR-E) Course Guidelines


One 2-credit course or equivalent.


Courses that carry the PR-E GE designation teach students  strategies and techniques for working effectively in pairs or larger groups to produce a finished product. For example, students might learn specialized practical information such as how to use change-management software to monitor and manage changes initiated by multiple group members. Alternatively, they might learn basic information about leadership, teamwork, and group functioning, which they can incorporate into their own group process.

What is common to all courses is that some instruction regarding the process of collaboration is provided, in addition to instruction specific to the academic discipline and the products being produced. In other words, assigning group work is not sufficient; explicit instruction in techniques of collaboration is required.

 Educational goals/outcomes

Students will:

  • Learn techniques for effective group work. These techniques typically include:

                partitioning responsibility

                merging individual efforts

                achieving consensus on approaches and sub-goals

                recording and distributing decisions

  • Learn about teamwork, leadership, and proactive job reach (going the extra mile).

  • Practice these techniques by working in groups to produce a finished product.

Student’s Response GE Questions for Substitution of GE Requirements

*(after you respond obtain instructor confirmation supporting your answers)

1. Provide a complete list of the reading assignments or other sources of information through which explicit instruction in techniques for effective collaboration - as defined by the totality of the educational goals/outcomes - will occur.  Please do not refer reviewers to the syllabus.

2. Please identify the assignments that will offer students the opportunity to meet the educational outcomes of the PR-E GE. Then, explain how these assignments offer students the opportunity to apply the techniques for teamwork, leadership, and proactive job reach discussed in the course.

3. Please describe how the students' satisfaction of the educational objective for the GE requirement will be assessed.