Perspectives: Technology & Society

Technology and Society (PE-T) Course Guidelines


One 5-credit course  or equivalent.


Courses that carry the PE-T GE designation focus on understanding technological advances, how they are developed, and their impacts on society.

Imparting a basic understanding of the dynamic technological society in which we live is an essential goal of academic institutions. The study of technology helps satisfy the need of society for knowledgeable people able to understand, participate, and guide the rapid technological advances that play such a vital role in our world. 

Educational goals/outcomes

Students will:

  • Develop and demonstrate an appreciation of how advancing technology induces environmental, economic, and cultural changes.

  • Gain an appreciation for the skills needed to effectively participate in and advance the technological world.

  • In typical PE-T courses, students will gain and demonstrate an understanding of one or more technological systems together with an appreciation of the necessary scientific and engineering advances that enabled the system's design, development, and production.

Student’s Response GE Questions for Substitution of GE Requirements

*(after you respond obtain instructor confirmation supporting your answers)

1. Please identify how the assignments and activities allow students to develop their understanding of technological advances and impact of technology. Please do not refer reviewers to the syllabus.

2. Please describe how the students' satisfaction of the educational objective for the GE requirement will be assessed.