Academic Freedom Complaint Procedures

Has My Academic Freedom Been Violated or Compromised?

The Committee on Academic Freedom (CAF) takes allegations of an attack on a scholar's academic freedom seriously. Allegations are treated with confidentiality. If you have a problem, you are welcome to first contact the CAF Chair or committee member who will help you with an assessment that can be presented to committee members.

To present a complaint to the committee, you must do three things:

1. Briefly summarize the actions that you believe represent an attack on your academic freedom.  Identify the individuals involved, and state their position and relationship to the University.

2. Identify one or more rights, freedoms, privileges, rules or regulations that were violated, which you believe constitute an attack on your academic freedom.  Explain how your exercise and enjoyment of your academic freedom has been harmed, providing specific examples.

3. Include a copy of any evidence you may have, such as email, letters, and so on. Retain the originals.

CAF Process:

The Committee would meet and discuss and the submitted documentation. Confidentiality is part of our committee process, any case that is submitted for consideration will remain confidential, if the committee decides further review is warranted, the membership would consult with the grievant and make a recommendation to file a grievance with the Committee on Privilege and Tenure.