Chapter 7. Rules of Order

7.1 The order of business at Regular Meetings is as follows [SB 315C(1)]:
1. Approval of draft minutes
2. Announcements by the President, the Chancellor, the Chair, and others
3. Reports of Representatives to the Assembly
4. Special Orders
5. Reports of Special Committees
6. Reports of Standing Committees
7. Report of the Chair of the Student Union Assembly, or designee, on current student concerns
8. Report of the President of the Graduate Student Association, or designee, on current student concerns
9. Petitions of Students
10. Unfinished Business
11. University and Faculty Welfare
12. New Business

The regular order of business may be suspended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present. (Am 30 Apr 69 EI, 22 Oct 75, 9 June 93, 28 Oct 98 EI, 17 May 02; CC 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 98)

7.2 The order of business at Special and Emergency Meetings is as follows [SB 315C(2)]: 1. Approval of draft minutes (may be omitted by approval of two-thirds of the voting members present) 2. The special business for which the meeting was called 3. Any other non-legislative business authorized by unanimous consent of the voting members present (Am 17 May 02; CC 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 98; EC 2 Sept 69)

7.3 Discussion of Annual Reports of Standing Committees constitutes special orders for the first regular meeting of the Santa Cruz Division in the fall term. In the meeting Call, at the discretion of the Division Chair, any or all Special Orders may be placed on a Consent Calendar under Special Orders. During consideration of Special Orders, at the request of any Senate member, any such Consent Calendar item will be removed from the Consent Calendar and considered separately by the Division. All remaining Special Orders on the Consent Calendar may be received by the Division. [SCB 13.7] (Am 21 Apr 76, 17 May 02; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 31 Aug 06)

7.4 Questions of order not covered by legislation are governed by The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, 4th edition.