Committee on the Faculty Research Lecture Charge

13.20 Committee on the Faculty Research Lecture (En 24 Feb 71 EI; CC 31 Aug 19)

13.20.1 There are five Santa Cruz Division members, at least two of whom shall be previous Faculty Research Lecturers. (Am 17 Nov 75, 30 May 08; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 19; EC 18 Oct 91, 31 Aug 04)

13.20.2 It is the duty of this Committee to nominate for election by the Santa Cruz Division a member of the Division who has made a distinguished record in research to deliver a lecture upon a topic of the member’s selection. This nomination for the succeeding academic year shall be made not later than the final meeting of the Santa Cruz Division in the spring term. (CC 31 Aug 19; EC 1 Aug 76, 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 16)

The Committee shall also make recommendations to the administration on the selection of candidates for the Regents’ Lecturers and Professors Program and similar programs. (Am 30 May 08; CC 31 Aug 19)