Committee on International Education Charge

13.23 Committee on International Education (Am 19 May 06; CC 31 Aug 19; EC 31 August 07)

13.23.1 There are six Santa Cruz Division members, plus the Campus Faculty Director for the Education Abroad Program (a Santa Cruz Division member appointed by the Executive Vice Chancellor) serving ex officio. In addition, there are one non-senate teaching faculty representative and no more than two student representatives. Where possible, preference in the selection of student representatives is given to former participants in the EAP. (Am 3 Dec 69, 13 Oct 76, 21 May 04, 19 May 06, 19 Feb 14; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 19; EC 1 Aug 80, 18 Oct 91, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04, 31 Aug 07)

13.23.2 The Committee advises the Senate, the Chancellor, and the Dean/Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education on matters related to international education on the UCSC campus, including the allocation of resources for international education, and on the status and welfare of international students at UCSC. It initiates, reviews, and assists in the formulation of policies regarding international education on the UCSC campus. In consultation with CEP and the Graduate Council, it provides guidance, advice, and oversight regarding all academic matters related to international education. (Am 19 May 06; CC 31 Aug 19; EC 12 May 97, 31 Aug 07)