Committee on Admissions & Financial Aid Charge

13.11 Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid

13.11.1 There are no fewer than seven and no more than nine Santa Cruz Division members. In addition, there are one non-senate teaching faculty representative, and no more than three student representatives. (Am 3 Dec 69, 24 May 72, 17 Nov 75, 7 Nov 01, 21 May 04; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 18 Oct 91, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04, 31 Aug 04)

13.11.2 The Committee on Committees nominates a member to serve on the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools. (EC 31 Aug 04)

13.11.3 The Committee considers and reports on matters involving admissions, financial aid, and relations with schools. Its responsibility extends beyond the actual selection of applicants to include all matters within the purview of this Division concerning the procedures, policy, and criteria of selection. It is also responsible for formulating and evaluating campus policies governing financial aid and relations with schools. The Committee consults with campus and statewide administrations on these matters, and provides liaison among the various campus agencies. In the process of student selection, the Committee may obtain the assistance of other members of the University staff, including those who are not members of the Academic Senate. (Am 22 May 74; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 04)