Committee on Committees Charge

13.15 Committee on Committees (CC 31 Aug 19)

13.15.1 There are five Santa Cruz Division members. Vacancies are filled by election in the winter quarter by mail ballot in accordance with Chapter 11 of these Bylaws. (Am 3 Dec 69, 24 Oct 79; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 19; EC 18 Oct 91)

13.15.2 Each year either two or three seats on the Committee fall vacant. Members are elected to two year terms running from September 1 following election. If an elected member fails to serve or fails to complete any year of a term, the Committee submits a nomination for replacement to the Division. The new member shall serve with authority only after confirmation by the Santa Cruz Division, and serves for the remainder of the year. An election will be held, in accordance with SCB 13.14.1, to fill the vacancy for the second year of the term. (Am 10 Nov 66, 24 Oct 79, 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 19; EC 1 Aug 77, 31 Aug 06)

13.15.3 The Committee chooses its own Chair, Vice Chair, and representative to the University Committee on Committees. It makes its own rules on procedure, consistent with the Bylaws and Regulations of the Academic Senate and the Santa Cruz Division. (Am 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 19; EC 31 Aug 06)

13.15.4 The Committee appoints: all Divisional Officers; all Standing and Special Committee Chairs; all Senate-appointed committee members; and all Divisional representatives and alternates to the University systemwide bodies whose mode of selection is not otherwise specified. The Committee determines the number of members appointed to each Standing Committee in accordance with the Academic Senate and Divisional Bylaws. The Committee reports its appointments each year for confirmation at a regular meeting of the Division during the spring term; appointments at other times are reported for confirmation at the next regular divisional meeting. Replacements during the term of office of officers, committee Chairs and members, other than the Committee on Committees, shall serve with authority from the time they are named by the Committee on Committees. (Am 24 Feb 7l; EI 18 Apr 73, 6 June 84, 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 19; EC 31 Aug 06)

13.15.5 The Committee oversees the operating procedures of committees and periodically assesses committees’ effectiveness. It may propose Bylaw changes affecting the structure, composition, and functions of committees. (Am 18 Apr 73 EI, 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 19; EC 31 Aug 06)

13.15.6 The Committee appoints or nominates Divisional Senate members to fill vacancies on campus committees as requested by the Administration. (En 16 May 03; CC 31 Aug 19)