2015 Faculty Research Lecture

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The 49th Annual Faculty Research Lecture was given by Professor Craig Haney on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 in the Music Recital Hall of the Performing Arts Complex. A reception in the lobby will immediately follow the lecture. Doors will open at 6:30pm. This even is free and open to the public.

PrisonWorld: How Mass Incarceration Transformed U.S. Prisons, Impacted Prisoners, and Changed American Society

Over the last 35 years, psychology professor Craig Haney has very likely spent more time inside American prisons than any other social scientist, studying the psychological effects of incarceration. He has witnessed firsthand the profound transformation that has taken place in the American prison system, during a period that has been termed the “era of mass incarceration.” Since the publication of his well-received book, Reforming Punishment (2006), he has continued to document and assess conditions of confinement in many of the country’s harshest and most severe prisons. Professor Haney’s Faculty Research Lecture will illustrate and analyze what he has learned about the effects of this transformation in U.S. prison policies and conditions, including the rise of so-called “supermax” prisons, and discuss impact of this transformation on the prisoners most directly affected by it, on normative penal practices throughout the country, and on the norms and values of the larger U.S. society.