Special Committee on Non Senate Teaching Faculty

Committee Charge:

I move that the Santa Cruz Division of the Academic Senate establish a Special Committee to study the situation at UCSC of faculty members with the title non-senate teaching faculty. The committee should be comprised of seven members of the Division, three members respectively of the Committees on Academic Personnel, Educational Policy, and Privilege and Tenure.The committee should consider non-senate teaching faculty contributions to education at UCSC and should inquire whether current rules and practices are optimum for high-quality instruction and for recognition and reward of non-senate teaching faculty contributions. The committee should report to the Division at its first regular meeting in the fall of 2003. Established until 12/31/03.
Resolution submitted May 17, 2002.


Non Senate Teaching Faculty, (AS/SCP/1425)


Report of Special Committee at Winter Senate Meeting (AS/SCP/1409)