Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award

The Dickson Emeritus Professor Award acknowledges, publicizes, and enables the creative and innovative work that our faculty continue to do after retiring. Up to three awards are given annually. The award may be used for activities in service, research (including creative works and performances) or teaching. Dickson Professors are expected to make the results of their work available to the campus or the wider community. See Award Guidelines for more information.


Current Dickson Emeritus Professors (2022-2023):

E. G. Crichton (Art)

Q+Public Comes Out


Professor E G Crichton's Dickson Professorship will support a public web and social media presence for a new initiative called Q+Public. Q+Public is a publishing platform and forum for dialogue about urgent and underrepresented issues in the national LGBTQ+ community and beyond. As co-founder and series editor, Professor Crichton is working with a group of nine provocative thinkers across the country who form the Q+Public editorial board. This group spans three generations of interdisciplinary academics, writers, artists, and cultural activists who represent a spectrum of races, queer identities, genders, experience and interests.