The Committee on Career Advising (CCA) is excited to begin another year of the UCSC Faculty Mentorship Program!

About the Faculty Mentorship Program

Following the explicit request of new faculty, the Faculty Mentorship Program was created to match faculty mentees with faculty mentors outside of the departments, but usually within the same Division. This creates a mentoring relationship with someone who will not be voting on departmental promotion cases.

Advice from a well-respected mentor can be an invaluable supplement to the guidance and assistance that a Department Chair and colleagues provide during the early years at a new university.


Who can participate in the Faculty Mentorship Program?

New faculty are automatically contacted about this program. Participation in the FMP mentoring program is entirely optional. Continuing faculty have the option of remaining in the program each academic year as long as it is useful. The aim of the program is to help faculty adjust to the norms and expectations of UCSC and to succeed in your career.

CCA is always recruiting for faculty mentors in the program. If you are an existing faculty member interested in serving as a mentor in the program, please contact CCA Analyst Morgan Gardea: 


What does the mentorship program entail?

CCA matches mentees and mentors at the beginning of the fall quarter of each academic year, and provides a series of social events through which mentors and mentees can network with one another, as well as other mentoring pairs in the program. CCA also provides quarterly workshops focused on topics and issues relevant to faculty career development on campus.

UCSC Faculty Mentorship Program mentors and mentees are also encouraged to meet at least once a quarter or as the need arises to discuss various issues of interest to the mentees, such as handling teaching challenges, developing career and research goals, choosing appropriate service commitments, preparing for promotions and tenure, and maintaining life-work balance. Mentors can be a valuable source of support and guidance and assist mentees on their path to career satisfaction and success.


Where can I find additional resources for mentors and mentees participating in the program?

For resources related to faculty mentoring, please review the following CCA webpages: