2. Stevenson College Bylaws

Chapter 1. General

1.1 Functions of the College. Stevenson College is an administrative, residential and academic unit. As an academic unit, the College is responsible for student advising and academic support programs, setting and administering College requirements for graduation, providing course offerings including those in support of College requirements, sponsoring individual interdisciplinary major programs, offering co-curricular academic programming, and monitoring academic progress.

Chapter 2. Fellowship

2.1 Senate Faculty Fellows.

2.1.1 Fellows of the College who are members of the Academic Senate, in accordance with SCB 12.1.

2.1.2 The Senate Faculty of the College is a committee of the Academic Senate.

2.1.3 Only Senate Faculty Fellows may vote on Academic Senate matters.

2.1.4 New Senate Faculty Fellows will be admitted to the college by the Provost, with the advice and consent of the Senate Faculty Fellows.

2.2 Faculty Fellows. All persons who hold regular or recurring teaching appointments and are affiliated with the College, including Core Course faculty, are Faculty Fellows of the College.

2.3 Associate Fellows. Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers at UCSC may be designated Associate Fellows by the Provost by virtue of their association with the College.

2.4 Visiting Fellows. Visiting faculty at UCSC who are affiliated with the college may be designated Visiting Fellows by the Provost.

2.5 Honorary Fellows. Anyone may be designated an Honorary Fellow of Stevenson by the Provost, with the advice and consent of the Senate Faculty Fellows.

2.6 The Provost is a Senate Faculty Fellow of the College. They are the chief academic officer of the College.  They normally preside over College meetings and at meetings of the Provost’s Advisory Committee.  They may participate in any deliberations of any committee of the College. (EC 31 Aug 16)

2.7 Chair of the Faculty. The Chair of the faculty is a Senate Faculty Fellow who is elected by the Senate Faculty Fellows biannually. The Chair of the faculty is an ex officio member of the Provost’s Advisory Committee. By vote of the Senate Faculty Fellows and Faculty Fellows present or by request of the Provost, the Chair of the faculty may preside at meetings of the fellows.

Chapter 3. Elections and Meetings

3.1 All elections and all balloting in the College are administered by the Provost by mail or email.

3.2 Meetings of the Fellows are at the call of the Provost or the Chair of the faculty.

3.3 At the written request of a majority of the Fellows, the Provost or Chair of the faculty must call a meeting of the Fellows within eight days.

Chapter 4. Committees

4.1 The College Executive Committee consists of 4-5 Stevenson Faculty Fellows or Stevenson Senate Faculty Fellows. Members are appointed by the Provost and serve for a term of two years. The duty of the College Executive Committee is to advise the Provost with regard to the academic administration of the College and co-curricular programs. (AM 31 Aug 16)

4.2 Academic Standing Committee. The Academic Standing Committee consists of the Academic Advising Staff and at least one Stevenson Senate Faculty Fellow. Members are appointed by the Provost. This committee has authority to determine which students are subject to academic probation, barring or disqualification, and to set conditions for the subsequent return to the College of a student who has been barred or disqualified. This committee also recommends to the Provost students to be awarded College Honors upon graduation.

Chapter 5. Amendment

5.1 To amend these Bylaws, the proposed changes must be circulated to the Senate Faculty Fellows of Stevenson College. Any change(s) must be approved by a majority of those Senate Faculty Fellows voting. Such vote shall be by mail or e-mail.