Forum on Innovations in Teaching with Technology, January 13, 2016

Forum on Innovations in Teaching with Technology

Effective use of students’ engagement in transforming the learning experience of a large introductory Mathematics class

Nandini Bhattacharya, Mathematics, demonstrated her approach to active learning in introductory large lecture Mathematics courses by increasing students’ participation with the use of short pre-lecture videos, clickers during lecture and collaborative discussions during sections. She covered the nuts and bolts of transforming a large lecture course, such as PreCalculus, to a hybrid model.

Online quizzes & collaborative translation in elementary and upper-division language classes

Jenny Lynn, Classical Studies, demonstrated her use of online quizzes to guide student reading, test student comprehension, and give students practice identifying noun and verb forms. These quizzes can be randomly generated from large question pools so that students may take them repeatedly. She also demonstrated the use of a site where all students in the class can contribute to a collaborative translation of a Greek or Latin text.

Instructional Design Support & Faculty Instructional Technology Center Resources

Aaron Zachmeier, Academic Affairs Instructional Designer, and Leslie Kern, FITC Operations Manager, provided an overview of the available services and technologies to support faculty in developing online and hybrid instruction, from individual modules to entire courses.

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