Online Education Forum

November 28, 2012

Moving Online: Stakes and Assumptionsis the first in a series of forums hosted by COT and CEP on online education. The forums will address issues of assessment, quality, access, and the costs of online education. The first forum includes a panelist of UCSC faculty discussing the questions posed below.

Charlie McDowell, Chair of COT, Introductory Remarks
(starts at 00:00)

Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, Anthropology, With more online courses are we moving implicitly to a different model of education?
(starts at 6:49*) 

Brent Haddad, Environmental Studies, What questions should we be asking?
(starts at 15:56*)

Ira Pohl, Computer Science, Should we allow our students to get credit for MOOCs?
(starts at 25:10*)

Kip Tellez, Education, Should UCSC be trying to compete or cooperate with the likes of EdX and Coursera?
(starts at 37:30*)

Anthony Tromba, Mathematics, What role can online education play in science and engineering instruction?
(starts at 44:23*)

Tracy Larrabee, Chair of CEP, What is CEP's role in approving and regulating the use of online courses?
(starts at 1:00:12*)

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