October 16 2002 Agenda

Meeting Call for Regular Meeting of the Santa Cruz Division
WEDNESDAY, October 16, 2002 at 2:30 p.m.
UCSC Recital Hall

1. Approval of Draft Minutes
   a. Draft Minutes of May 17, 2002 (AS/SCM/268)

2. Announcements
   a. Chair Blumenthal
   b. Chancellor Greenwood
   c. Campus Provost/EVC Simpson

3. Report of the Representative to the Assembly (AS/SCP/1364)

4. Special Orders: Annual Reports
   a. Committee on Academic Freedom (AS/SCP/1350)
   b. Committee on Academic Personnel (AS/SCP/1351)
   c. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (AS/SCP/1352)
   d. Committee on Affirmative Action (AS/SCP/1353)
   e. Committee on Committees (AS/SCP/1365)
   f. Committee on Computing and Telecommunications (AS/SCP/1354)
   g. Committee on the Education Abroad Program (AS/SCP/1359)
   h. Committee on Educational Policy (AS/SCP/1357)
   i. Committee on Emeriti Relations (AS/SCP/1355)
   j. Committee on Faculty Welfare (AS/SCP/1356)
   k. Graduate Council (AS/SCP/1360)
   l. Committee on Planning and Budget (AS/SCP/1363)
   m. Committee on Privilege and Tenure (AS/SCP/1362)
   n. Committee on Teaching (AS/SCP/1358)

5. Reports of Special Committees – (none)

6. Reports of Standing Committees
   a. Committee on Committees: Nominations 2002-03 (AS/SCP/1366)
   b. Committee on Faculty Welfare: Oral Report

7. Report of the Student Union Assembly Chair
8. Report of the Graduate Student Association President
9. Petitions of Students
10. Unfinished Business
   a. Submitted 5/17/02 (AS/SCP/1361)
11. University and Faculty Welfare
12. New Business