February 21, 2001 Agenda

Meeting Call for Regular Meeting of the Santa Cruz Division
WEDNESDAY, February 21, 2001 at 3:30 p.m.
Classroom Unit 2

1. Approval of Minutes
   a. Minutes of February 23, 2000 (AS/SCM/259)
   b. Minutes of November 9, 2000 (AS/SCM/261)
   c. Minutes of November 27, 2000 (AS/SCM/262)

2. Announcements
   a. Chair Anderson
   b. Chancellor Greenwood
   c. Executive Vice Chancellor Simpson

3. Report of Representatives to the Assembly (none)

4. Special Orders: Annual Reports
   a. Committee on Research (AS/SCP/1298)

5. Reports of Special Committees
   a. University Center (AS/SCP/1300)

6. Reports of Standing Committees
   a. Committee on Committees: Proposed Change to Santa Cruz Bylaw 4.2 (AS/SCP/1301) 
   b. Committee on Committees: Committee Nominations (AS/SCP/1304)
   c. Committee on Planning and Budget: Report #4 on the Silicon Valley Center (AS/SCP/1302)                                                                      
   d. Committee on Teaching: Proposed Changes to Bylaw 13.28.1 (AS/SCP/1299)
7. Report of Student Union Assembly Chair
8. Report of the Graduate Student Association President
9. Petitions of Students
10. Unfinished Business
11. University and Faculty Welfare
12. New Business
   a. Streamlining the NES and Renewing the Campus Commitment (AS/SCP/1303)