November 9, 2000 Agenda

Meeting Call for Regular Meeting of the Santa Cruz Division
THURSDAY, November 9, 2000 at 3:00 p.m.
Kresge Town Hall


1. Approval of Minutes

   a.Minutes of December 3, 1999 (AS/SCM/258)
   b.Minutes of February 23, 2000 (AS/SCM/259)
   c.Minutes of June 1, 2000 (AS/SCM/260)

2. Announcements

   a. Chair Anderson
   b. Chancellor Greenwood
   c. Executive Vice Chancellor Simpson

3. Report of Representatives to the Assembly

4.Special Orders: Annual Reports

   a. Committee on Academic Freedom (AS/SCP/1283)
   b. Committee on Academic Personnel (AS/SCP/1284)
   c. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (AS/SCP/1274)
   d. Committee on Affirmative Action (AS/SCP/1282)
   e. Committee on Computing and Telecommunications (AS/SCP/1285)
   f. Committee on Educational Policy (AS/SCP/1279)
   g. Committee on Emeriti Relations (AS/SCP/1267)
   h. Committee on Faculty Welfare (AS/SCP/1287)
   i. Graduate Council (AS/SCP/1277)
   j. Committee on the Library (AS/SCP/1280)
   k. Committee on Planning and Budget (AS/SCP/1295)
   l. Committee on Privilege and Tenure (AS/SCP/1276)
   m. Committee on Teaching (AS/SCP/1281)

5.Reports of Special Committees

   a. Special Senate Committee on Merit Equity Review (AS/SCP/1265)
   b. Special Senate Committee on the University Center Report (AS/SCP/1293)

6. Reports of Standing Committees

   a. Committee on Committees: Proposal for a New Standing Committee: Committee on Land and Building Development (AS/SCP/1263)
   b. Committee on Committees: Nominations (AS/SCP/1297)
   c. Committee on Committees: Proposed Change to Santa Cruz Bylaw 13.23: Increase in Membership to Committee on Planning and Budget (AS/SCP/1296)
   d. Committee on Educational Policy: Amendments to Perfect the New Regulations on Grading (AS/SCP/1275)
   e. Committee on Educational Policy: Report on the Pending Senate Business Regarding Narrative Evaluations (AS/SCP/1290)
   f. Graduate Council: Proposed Change to Santa Cruz Division Bylaw 13.21 (AS/SCP/1289)
   g. Committee on Planning and Budget: Report #3 on the Santa Clara Valley Regional Center (AS/SCP/1294)
   h. Committee on Planning and Budget: Report on the Initiative Process and its Aftermath (AS/SCP/1288)

7. Report of Student Union Assembly Chair
8. Report of the Graduate Student Association President
9. Petitions of Students
10. Unfinished Business
11. University and Faculty Welfare
12. New Business