Resolution to Mitigate UCSC’s Housing Crisis, May 2022

Resolution on Addressing Black and Jewish Institutional Experience, May 2022

Memorial to the Regents - Fossil Fuel Divestment

Resolution Regarding an Ethical Response to the Budget Crisis, May 2020

Resolution Regarding Call for Cost of Living Adjustments, February 2020

Resolution Regarding Reporting Form, February 2020

Resolution in Support of Lecturers, 2019

Resolution on the Commitment to Ensure Salary Equity and Competitiveness within the UC System, Nov. 2019

Resolution on Houseless Students, 2019

Canary Mission Resolution, 2019

Resolution on a Safe and Secure Educational Environment, February 2018

Resolution on Retention of Student Immigration Status Records, May 2017

Resolution on Undocumented Student Investigations on Campus, May 2017

Resolution on Undocument Student Funding, May 2017

Resolution to Create A Special Committee on Athletics, February 2016

Dickson Award Resolution, November 2015

Resolution for Appointing the Emeriti Association President Ex Officio Member of CER, November 2015

A Resolution Calling on the UC Academic Council to Request that all Divisional Senates (a) Discuss and (b) Vote to Support a Memorial to the Regents to Divest the UC's General Endowment Pool of Fossil Fuel Holdings, May 2015

Resolution on Silicon Valley, April 2015

Resolution on Health Care Open Enrollment, November 2013

Resolution on Leadership, May 2012

Resolution on New Tier Post Employment Benefits, October 2010
Resolution on Retiree Health Benefits, October 2010
Resolution on Contributions from Current Employees who continue with the Current UCRP Plan, October 2010
Resolution on Addressing the Unfunded Liabilty of UCRP, October 2010
Resolution on Leadership, May 2010
Resolution on Appreciation for David Kliger, May 2010
Resolution on Child Care, November 2009

Memorial to UC President Mark G. Yudof, November 2009

Resolution on Good-Faith Negotiations, October 2009

Resolution on Fee Increases, October 2009

Resolution on Salary Reductions, October 2009

Resolution on Furlough Days, October 2009

Resolution on Furlough Reporting, October 2009

Resolution on Instructional Days, October 2009

Resolution on Leadership, May 2009

Resolution on University of California Retirement Program, May 2009

Resolution to Chancellor and Vice Chancellor, March 2008

Resolution on Leadership, May 2007

Resolution on UNEX Deficits, May 2007

Resolution on Writing Intensive Requirement, March 2007

Resolution on Undergraduate Graduation Rates, May 2006

Resolution on Long Range Development Plan, CPB April 2006

Resolution on Undergraduate Retention Rates , May 2005

Resolution on Leadership, May 2005

Resolution on Faculty Housing and Campus Growth, May 2005

Committee on Library Scholarly Communication , May 2005

Patriot Act, May 2004

Child Care, May 2004

Non-Senate Teaching Faculty, May 2004

On Ties with Elsevier, October 2003

Parking, May 2003

Against Unilateral US Military Intervention in Iraq, February 2003

Committee on Planning and Budget Resolution on Enrollment Management, February 2002