March 3, 2021 Agenda

Meeting Call for Regular Meeting of the Santa Cruz Division
Wednesday 3, 2021 at 2:30 p.m.

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1. Approval of Draft Minutes 

  1. Draft Minutes of November 20, 2020 (AS/SCM/327)

2. Announcements          

a. Chair Brundage

b. Chancellor Larive

c. CPEVC Kletzer

3. Report of the Representative to the Assembly (none)

4. Special Orders: Annual Reports


a. Committee on Academic Personnel 19-20 Annual Report (AS/SCP/1995)

5. Reports of Special Committees (none)

6. Reports of Standing Committees

a. Senate Executive Committee – Fall 2021 Instruction

The Committee on Educational Policy (CEP), Committee on Courses of Instruction (CCI), and Graduate Council (GC) have delegated authority for approval of remote offering of courses to course sponsoring agencies for fall 2021. Fully online courses continue to require review and approval by CCI. Noting that students may have difficulties meeting some program requirements during the pandemic, CEP, CCI, and GC are also prepared to receive and review in a timely way any requests from department chairs and program directors for temporary modifications of program requirements resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Faculty are also encouraged to raise issues related to the resumption of research on or off campus, and the research of their graduate advisees.  

b. COC Legislation 13.4.2 (AS/SCP/1996)

7. Report of the Student Union Assembly Chair                

8. Report of the Graduate Student Association President 

9. Petitions of Students (none)

10. Unfinished Business (none)

11. University and Faculty Welfare (none)

12. New Business

  1. Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) Report (AS/SCP/1997)