November 19, 2004 Agenda

Meeting Call for Regular Meeting of the Santa Cruz Division
FRIDAY, November 19, 2004 at 2:30 p.m.
Colleges Nine and Ten Multipurpose Room
at the University Center

1.    Approval of Draft Minutes
       a. Draft Minutes of May 21, 2004, previously distributed (AS/SCM/273)

2.    Announcements
       a. Chair Galloway
       b. Acting Chancellor Chemers
       c. Interim Campus Provost/EVC Delaney

3.    Reports of the Representative to the Assembly (AS/SCP/1439 and AS/SCP/1441)
       a. May 12, 2004 Report
       b. June 30, 2004 Report

4.    Special Orders: Annual Reports


       a. Committee on Academic Freedom (AS/SCP/1432)
       b. Committee on Academic Personnel (AS/SCP/1434)
       c. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (AS/SCP/1433)
       d. Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity (AS/SCP/1431)
       e. Committee on Computing and Telecommunications (AS/SCP/1445)
       f. Committee on the Education Abroad Program (AS/SCP/1440)
       g. Committee on Educational Policy (AS/SCP/1444)
       h. Committee on Emeriti Relations (AS/SCP/1435)
       i. Committee on Faculty Welfare (AS/SCP/1436)
       j. Graduate Council (AS/SCP/1438)
       k. Committee on Library (AS/SCP/1443)
       l. Committee on Privilege and Tenure (AS/SCP/1442)
       m. Committee on Teaching (AS/SCP/1437)

5.    Reports of Special Committees (none)

6.    Reports of Standing Committees
      a.    Committee on Committees:
            Additional Nominations 2004-05 (AS/SCP/1447)
            Dean McHenry Award (AS/SCP/1410)
      b.    Committee on Planning and Budget (2003-04)
            Report on the Strategic Futures Committee/Long Range Development Plan Process and the Future of Enrollment Growth at UCSC (AS/SCP/1430)

      c.    Committee on Faculty Welfare – Oral Report on Housing

7.    Report of the Student Union Assembly Chair
8.    Report of the Graduate Student Association President
9.    Petitions of Students (none)
10.    Unfinished Business
11.    University and Faculty Welfare
12.    New Business
           a. Resolution Submitted by Professor Bob Meister (AS/SCP/1446)