October 24, 2001 Agenda

Meeting Call for Regular Meeting of the Santa Cruz Division
WEDNESDAY, October 24, 2001 at 3:00 p.m.
Kresge Town Hall

1. Approval of Minutes
   a. Minutes of May 30, 2001 (AS/SCM/264)

2. Announcements
   a. Chair Blumenthal
   b. Chancellor Greenwood
   c. Campus Provost/EVC Simpson

3. Report of the Representative to the Assembly

4. Special Orders: Annual Reports
   a. Committee on Academic Freedom (AS/SCP/1321)
   b. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid (AS/SCP/1323)
   c. Committee on Affirmative Action (AS/SCP/1324)
   d. Committee on Computing and Telecommunications (AS/SCP/1325)
   e. Committee on Educational Policy (AS/SCP/1319)
   f. Committee on Faculty Welfare (AS/SCP/1327)
   g. Graduate Council (AS/SCP/1316)
   h. Committee on Privilege and Tenure (AS/SCP/1330)
   i. Committee on Teaching (AS/SCP/1317)

5. Reports of Special Committees
   a. Special Committee on Merit Equity Review Annual Report (AS/SCP/1328)

6. Reports of Standing Committees
   a. Committee on Committees: Nominations 2001-02 (AS/SCP/1329)
   b. Committee on Educational Policy: Advisory Guidelines on Writing Performance (Narrative) Evaluations (AS/SCP/1320)
   c. Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid: Summer Review of UC Admissions Policies (AS/SCP/1331)
   d. Committee on Planning and Budget: Oral Report
   e. Graduate Council: Oral Report

7. Report of Student Union Assembly Chair
8. Report of the Graduate Student Association President
9. Petitions of Students
10. Unfinished Business
11. University and Faculty Welfare
12. New Business