Chapter 2. Colleges

2.1 Faculties of colleges provide advisers for their students to aid in planning their study programs. (Am 4 June 69, 27 Jan 71)

2.2 Faculties of colleges may recommend course offerings to the Committee on Courses of Instruction for approval and may propose which of those courses should be accepted as meeting the American History and Institutions requirements and which should serve in partial fulfillment of the campuswide general education requirements. (Am 4 June 69, 3 Dec 69, 27 Jan 71, 26 May 76; CC 1 Aug 77, 28 Jan 81, 31 Aug 18; EC 31 Aug 11)

2.3 Faculties of colleges design and administer comprehensive examinations for their students when such examinations are required.

2.4 Colleges may establish major programs subject to the approval of the Committee on Educational Policy. Such requirements shall be reviewed by the Committee at least every five years. If a college-sponsored major is to be used as part of a double major, this use must be approved by both the college and the agency sponsoring the other subject. (Am 4 Dec 68, 4 June 69, 27 Jan 7l; CC 1 Aug 77, 28 Jan 81)