Chapter 7. Education Abroad Program

7.1 Eligibility requirements for undergraduate students of the University of California, Santa Cruz, who wish to study in universities overseas are:

a. Junior standing, based on normal progress;

b. Five quarters of university-level work in the language of the country, appraised by the instructors concerned as of a superior quality;

c. A superior level of achievement in all work;

d. Prior approval of the proposed program by the Registrar and the department in the student's major. (EC 12 May 97)

Transfer students are eligible if they meet the language requirement and have completed at least one language course in the University of California. (The language requirement is not applicable to certain centers designated by the Education Abroad Program.)

7.2 All participating students will be concurrently enrolled at the University of California and in the host university, and will receive full academic credit for courses satisfactorily completed.