Committee on Educational Policy: General Education Reform History

For current GE information go to CEP's page on General Education Requirements for Course Development

The larger goals of GE reform were:

To converge through faculty conversation on a set of educational goals for general education at UCSC at the beginning of the 21st Century
(Our last major general education reform occurred 25 years ago)
To make those goals more explicit and clear than they have been in the past
To make the General Education curriculum more topics-based and less division-based
To make General Education more interesting and reflective of UCSC's Identity

The senate passed legislation proposed by CEP for general education reform in Winter and Spring quarters of 2009.

CEP asked divisions to propose educational goals for general education breadth requirements.

Arts Humanities Engineering Physical and Biological Sciences Social Sciences

CEP asked departments to provide first draft educational goals for writing and other forms of communication in the major.

American Studies Anthropology Art Biology (EE)
Biology (MCD) Biomolecular Engineering Chemistry & Biochemistry Community Studies
Computer Engineering Computer Science Earth & Planetary Sciences Economics
Electrical Engineering Environmental Studies Feminist Studies Film & Digital Media
History History of Consciousness
History of Art & Visual Culture
Latin American / Latino Studies
Linguistics Literature Mathematics Music
Philosophy Physics Politics Psychology
Sociology Theatre Arts

Other Responses to the Reform Pre -  Proposal click here

CEP: General Education Reform Reports:
The links below document the history of and thinking behind general eduction reform.

CEP General Education Proposal at Senate Meeting,(March 2009) click here
Presentation for General Education Reform (March 2009), click here.
General Education Handouts, March 2009, click here
Frequently Asked Questions - Disciplinary Communication Legislation, click here.
General Education Handout - February 18, 2009 Senate Meeting, click here.

To see the forum presentation from Wednesday, October 29, click here.

GE Presentation to Reform General Education at UCSC (May, 2008) (pdf)

GE Presentation to Reform General Education at UCSC (May, 2008)(pdf)

Pre - Proposal to Reform General Education at UCSC (May, 2008)(pdf)

Progress Report on the Writing-Intensive Requirement, (May, 2007)(pdf)

CEP Resolution on Writing-Intensive Requirement, (February, 2007)(pdf)

CEP slides on Writing-Intensive Requirement, (March, 2007)(pdf)

CEP slides from Oral Report on General Education, (November, 2006)(pdf)

CEP hosted the following Brown Bag General Education Workshops
Friday, November 14
"Reconceiving the Current E (Ethnic Minorities / Non - Western Society) requirement" Friday, November 21
"Breadth in general education: subject areas or methodologies? Monday, November 24
"General education and interdisciplinary Topical Clusters"