Science and Engineering Library Consolidation Project

Lists related to the recent Science and Engineering Library consolidation project

Titles which were shared with print archives nationally:

Withdrawal lists: Identify titles that were either duplicated online or had no recent use and were duplicated in print across the country (UCs and beyond). Titles in the "withdrawals" files were recycled as part of the consolidation project. The third file ("...keep on site") is the list of titles identified as high use, recently published, or unique to the UC and beyond and indicates the titles marked to keep on site. The final file explains the content of each of the files.

In terms of the current holdings of the Library, the most accurate information can be found by searching the Cruzcat catalog at: Titles currently located in the Science & Engineering stacks may be searched by selecting the advanced search and adding the limit of location “S&E Stacks.” Titles in S&E reserves and protect may be similarly searched: advanced search in cruzcat and limit to either location “S&E Protect” OR “S&E Reserves.”