Rules Jurisdiction and Elections Charge

13.28.1 There are five Santa Cruz Division members. (Am 10 Nov 66, 22 Feb 67, 3 Dec 69, 27 Jan 71, 26 May 71 EI, 26 Apr 06; CC 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 99; EC 1 Aug 76, 4 Aug 87, 18 Oct 91; 31 Aug 04)

13.28.2 No member who is a member of the University Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction may simultaneously serve as a member of the Assembly. [SB 205] (EC 31 Aug 04)

13.28.3 The Committee prepares and reports to the Santa Cruz Division or appropriate portions thereof such changes and additions to these Bylaws and Regulations as it deems advisable. It formally supervises all changes and additions to the Divisional Bylaws proposed by other committees or by individuals. The Committee edits and publishes, at such intervals as may seem necessary, the Manual of the Santa Cruz Division. The Manual will consist of: (a) the Bylaws of the Santa Cruz Division, (b) Regulations of the Santa Cruz Division, (c) such appendices as the Santa Cruz Division shall direct to be included and, where appropriate, (d) Bylaws of college Faculties. [SB 80B] (CC 4 Aug 87, 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04)

13.28.4 Issues of interpretation of Divisional legislation may be referred to the Committee by Academic Senate bodies or individual senators for decision and report. Such decisions are subject to review by the Santa Cruz Division. If the Santa Cruz Division disapproves the report of the Committee, the Committee must draft legislation which expresses the intent of the Santa Cruz Division for submission at the next meeting of the Division. (Am 9 June 93; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 04; EC 18 Oct 91)

13.28.5 The Committee is authorized to make editorial and conforming, nonsubstantive changes in the Santa Cruz Division Bylaws and Regulations with regard to numbering, headings, cross-references, organizational titles, details of style, and similar items. (CC 31 Aug 98; 31 Aug 04, 31 Aug 06)

13.28.6 The Committee supervises all Divisional elections. It supervises voting on propositions submitted to the Santa Cruz Division by mail ballot. The Committee counts or appoints tellers to count all ballots. (Am 9 Nov 10; CC 31 Aug 98; 31 Aug 04)

13.28.7 The Committee, in case of doubt, determines eligibility to membership in the Santa Cruz Division. (CC 31 Aug 04)