Committee on Faculty Welfare Charge

13.20.1     There are no fewer than six and no more than eight Santa Cruz Division members, plus the Chair of the Committee on Emeriti Relations, the UC Santa Cruz Division member of the Task Force on Investment and Retirement (if any), and the UC Santa Cruz Division member of the Health Care Task Force (if any), serving ex officio. (Am 26 May 99, 19 Feb 03, 21 May 04, 18 May 12; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 18 Oct 91, 31 Aug 04)

13.20.2 The Committee considers any subject concerning faculty welfare, including matters which may be brought to its attention by members of the Faculty. It may make representations to appropriate authorities on any questions concerning the welfare of the University of California community. (CC 31 Aug 98; EC 31 Aug 06)