Committee on Courses of Instruction Charge

13.16        Committee on Courses of Instruction (En 13 Feb 16)

13.16.1     There are six Senate members, one from each academic division and one from the School of Engineering. In addition, there is one undergraduate student representative, and the Associate Registrar, ex officio non-voting. (En 13 Feb 16)

13.16.2     Reviews, coordinates and takes final action on all matters relating to courses of instruction, including approval of new courses, modifications, withdrawal, conduct, content, credit valuation, classification of existing courses, prerequisites, the numbering and catalog description of courses.  Reviews requests for exceptions to Division Regulations governing courses of instruction.  The Committee shall, after consultation with the department(s) concerned, have the authority to delete from the catalog any course that has not been offered for six consecutive years. Consults, and advises faculties of colleges, departments, and individual members of the Division when matters relating to their courses of instruction are before the Committee. (En 13 Feb 16; Am 19 May 17)       

13.16.3     Approves General Education designations for courses based on CEP criteria.  Is responsible for approving courses for fulfillment of the American History and Institutions requirement. (En 13 Feb 16)

13.16.4    Approves Graduate Student Instructors and Undergraduate Teaching Assistants for undergraduate courses based on CEP criteria. (En 13 Feb 16)

13.16.5     Reviews and acts on all petitions from students for exception to the Regulations of the Academic Senate including those found in the Santa Cruz Division. Considers grade appeals as allowed under Appendix C of the Santa Cruz Division Manual. (En 13 Feb 16)

13.16.6     Consistent with Senate Bylaws 20 and 310A.4, CCI may delegate routine administrative decisions related to academic policies and regulations of the Division to the University Registrar and College Provosts. (En 19 May 17)

13.16.7     CCI will monitor and review on an annual basis all delegated decisions. (En 19 May 17)