Committee on Information Technology Charge

13.15.1 There are eight Santa Cruz Division members.  In addition, there are one graduate student representative, and one undergraduate student representative. (Am 21 Feb 96, 31 Aug 15; CC 31 Aug 98, 31 Aug 08; EC 31 Aug 99, 31 Aug 04, 31 Aug 06)

13.15.2 The Committee consults regularly with the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and advises the Chancellor and the Division on the acquisition, implementation, utilization, and impact of instructional technology, information systems, software and electronic communications facilities, including wireless services. The Committee reviews policies concerning security, usability, accessibility, privacy, dissemination of information, and standards to ensure that information technology enhances the quality of UCSC’s programs and supports research and instruction.  (Am 31 Aug 15; CC 31 Aug 98; EC 31 Aug 06)