Recent Legislative Changes

Recent Divisional Actions:

(Updates are effective September 1, 2017 unless otherwise stipulated)

The following actions were taken by the Academic Senate Santa Cruz Division at its regular meeting on November 18, 2016:

The following resolution was passed by acclamation.

Whereas, this is Alison Galloway's final meeting of the Academic Senate as the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC), and

Whereas, Alison Galloway has been an exemplary teacher, scholar, and servant of the university, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway's long commitment to teaching has been recognized with a UC Santa Cruz Excellence in Teaching award, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway’s excellence in research has been recognized by the Physical Anthropology Section of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences with its highest honor, the T. Dale Stewart Award for career achievement, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway’s research expertise in forensic science has enabled her service to the larger community by allowing her to testify in homicide cases, and thus to speak for the dead, who cannot speak for themselves, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway has tirelessly served the University of California, Santa Cruz, in numerous Senate and administrative roles since joining the campus in 1990, as Professor of Anthropology, Chair of the Department of Anthropology, Chair of the Committee on Teaching, member of the Committees on Faculty Welfare and Planning & Budget, Vice-Chair of the Academic Senate, Chair of the Academic Senate, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, and, for over six years, Campus Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway took office as Campus Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor in 2010, when the campus and country were still in the midst of a global financial crisis and the campus was experiencing a bleak period of reorganization and cuts, and an uneasy future, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway led the campus through this period, never despairing and always looking forward, and

Whereas, Alison Galloway has been an exemplary campus citizen and a model of dedicated, effective leadership,

We are therefore Resolved that this body should recognize Alison Galloway for her outstanding contributions to this Senate, this campus, and this University, and we wish her continued success as our valued colleague.

The following legislation was passed by a show of hands.

The Committee on Research proposes an amendment to Bylaw 13.27.2. COR assessed a need to update the charge to clarify the committee’s proactive strategic role in Senate research and remove dated information. COR proposes the following changes:

1) The committee informs the Division on issues pertaining to the research mission at UCSC and the University of California, consults with the Vice Chancellor for Research (VCR), advises the Chancellor, and explores new initiatives to enhance the quality, relevance, sustainability and support for research. For example, the committee addresses campus research budgets, research infrastructure, policy and strategy, promotion and coordination of multidisciplinary research, collaborative research among faculty, and policies governing acceptance of extramural funding.

2) Advises the VCR on policies for periodic evaluation of administrative entities that support faculty research, including such offices as the Office of Research, Office of Sponsored Projects Office for the Management of Intellectual Property and Compliance Administration and UCSC Natural Reserves.

The following resolution, with amendments, was passed by a show of hands.

Be it resolved that the Santa Cruz Division of the Academic Senate:

Condemns the dramatic reduction of the print collection at the Science and Engineering Library without proper and timely consultation with the Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications (COLASC) and the affected faculty

Deplores the destruction of books from the Science and Engineering Library without an opportunity being given to members of the university or the public to save the books

Rejects the library's decision to choose which books to be discarded without seeking the opinion of the faculty in the affected departments, who have professional expertise in the relevant fields

Calls on the University Librarian to commit that such an action will not be repeated, and that the Academic Senate, Graduate Student Association, andStudent Union Assembly will be adequately consulted and the faculty informed before making significant changes to the on-campus collections and archives of the University Library

Calls on the University Librarian to provide the faculty with a list of books removed from the Science Library, and take steps to reacquire (in print or online form) those books that the faculty consider extremely important

Calls on the Chancellor and CPEVC to reaffirm the role of the University Library as a teaching and research library that is key to supporting faculty and student research as well as instruction.